Jake Kisaragi II 19:21, January 18, 2012 (UTC)To all people who have been haters of me, Lemme get one thing straight with you guys. You can't just try to justify the reason for blocking my brother by trying to make me and my wiki look like something made out of vengeance! That's called slander and that's also called cyberbullying! You can't do that, not when you can be reported to the head dogs here at wikia (Mewtworules, I'm talking about you, dude). You people really believe that I'm affected by your trash talk and slanderous statements? Well let me tell how I feel about that: You guys clearly haven't gotten the Blues Clue by now that I've gotten this type of respect from some of the users at the Redwall Wiki for the same reasons you guys are using. You can't make a justification on something already tryuing to be justified, that makes it even more unjustifiable by common sense. You honestly believe after what I have to go through to even people to even leave something on my wiki, you think I wouldn't expect this type of talk? Yeah, keep dreaming guys! You can talk all the junk you want to, you're not gonna make me leave wikia, for anything, so don't get your hope up too high!

I'm never leaving this site...PERIOD!!! You guys can't make me for any reason. God can come down from Heaven above, dressed in all white, drinking a bottle of Mint and Barley Wine, sit on my lap and say, "Jake, you know how you say that you're aren't leaving for any reason? I want you to leave for cataclysm will strike every computer logged on to it and I want your computer to survive. I'm gonna look at the Lord, look at my computer, look at the Lord again and say, "Lord...Give me a sip of that wine."

That tells you that I'm gonna absorb all the crap you're saying and I'm gonna just keep a good hold of it and let it go later. So if you hate me, buzz off! If you're with me, welcome to the team! I'm not going anywhere, no time soon, so don't player hate on me, player hate someone else somewhere else, don't do it on my wiki!