Jake Kisaragi II 16:55, January 19, 2012 (UTC)Hey people: I understand that some of you have a problem with this wiki being around and you think that if you can just tell me enough things about how my brother (sniff...sob) doesn't exist, I'll stop and go to the Redwall Wiki, ask Lord TBT for the forgiveness that you claim that I need to ask for, and get on with my life. Well guess what? You win...But let me get a few things straight with you guys before I go and get rid of my wiki.

Firstly, I want to say that you are still wrong if you thing that I'm hjonathon. My nake is Jake. Jake Holmes. I can't believe that you people can't get that in your heads. I'm not hating or anything, it's just that whenever you guys mention him, I get teary-eyed and stuff and I feel guilty that I couldn't help him any more than I did. I'm leaving Wikia for good and I wish you guys the best of luck during this time of war against the US Govt.

Secondly, I want to thank Mewtworules for the apologies he gave me today. It's a little sudden, but dude, I actually appreciated the words you said to me when I checked my user page yesterday. You actually kept me going and I wish you even more luck, whatever you're doing, online and off.

Finally, I want to thank the Redwall Wiki. I want to do this because you brought my family closer together than it has ever been. We laugh, we cry, and we have good times. You blocking my brother and his Halloween 2011 suicide brought me closer to what I wanted my whole life, what I asked my adopted parents: Who are my real parents? Where are they now? Where do I truly belong? I found the answer to these questions because of you blocking my bro. He's gone but you no what they say in french, "La vie continue, mes amis". This means, "life goes on, my friends". No matter what you and I go through, life goes on and we can't stop life from going forward. We live, we die, our children (if any) will pick up where we leave off. Lord TBT, you are the best and brightest of Wiki founders. You know judgement and are ready to give it whenever necessary. Thank you for bringing me to my real home. Thank you for getting to where I truly belong.

Goodbye Wikia! I'll always remember y'all!

Jake Darius Holmes