Victini, Baby!!

For those of you who play Pokemon TCG, I have some news for you. Incase you haven't seen the commercials, Pokemon TCG has come out with a new Expansion set, Black and White: Noble Vioctories.

Like always, the theme decks contain a code for the online TCG game in which entering it will unlock the virtual version of the purchased deck for use in the game. This expansion is unique because it contains a very special Pokemon for you to add to your team, Victini! This Pokemon card is very rare and don't expect it to be in any theme decks. Hardcore fans, start buying those booster packs! Don't forget to buy the crap out of this latest expansion set before the next one premieres. The Pokemon TCG Black and White: Noble Victories Prerelease Event was a complete success in Houston, Texas. I want to thank the directors, Mia and Mike Cook for their time to give the guests the best prerelease event ever! Those who came participated in a small tournament and, win or lose, they recieved an exclusive Pokemon TCG Blacka and White: Noble Victories prerelease promo card, an exclusive theme deck, and special booster pack to take home. So it wasn't a total waste for those who lost and a bonus for those who won.

That's all the news for today, I'm PokeJon122 signning off for Pokemon News!